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Wooly Thinking

Feeling Loopy!

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Sometimes, I just need to stop overthinking and over-producing and over-anything-ing.

I've been thrashing about which MIDI controller I should get, which VSTi I should get, which DAW to use, etc. etc. etc. - which is typically my downfall. Actual composition just stops as I decide "what to buy next".

So, finally facing my fatal flaw, I'm going back to some serious basics.

First: I deinstalled SONAR. I'm not goig to score to video, and while I'm kind of used to it for real-time loop mangling, it's bothersome. Back to Tracktion!

Second: no VSTi. All of my sound sources will come from my freeaking huge collection of loops.

Third: no MIDI controller. Who needs one to mangle loops?

So, I'm unstalling all my VSTi, mothballing them for now, and my workflow will be Traktion -> Sound Forge -> publication on SoundCloud.

It's very freeing - less IS more, for me, since now I have fewer opportunities to go into "analysis Paralysis" where I spend an eternity fretting over which instrument, then which timbre, then whih effects. Now I only fret over which loop and which effects, which is a 33% decrease in potential worry time! (heh)

And with Tracktions hyper-fast interface I can audition loops and effects with ease and speed.

I hope to use this to improve my sound design skills as well.

I do need better reverb, which is about it. Tracktions native reverb soft of sucks, I'll be getting Valhalla VintageVerb for reverb duties. Otherwise, I have all the plugins I will ever need.. compressors, modulators, audio mangling, pitch shift, playback speed, reverse.. honestly, I even have an automatable filter! What's not to love?

Let's see how long I can stick to my guns... wish me luck, I'm going to need it!
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  1. aoVI's Avatar
    I concur, but am also guilty of thinking "if I just had X, then I could really do something awesome..."

    I also concur on your thought of VVV being a good reverb to rely heavily on. It does have it's own character, but with all the algos included there is more than enough variation.

    Back in the days of hardware, all I relied upon were a couple of multi fx boxes, a graphic eq, a handful of foot pedals, and a will to make sound.
    Updated 10-31-2016 at 02:50 PM by aoVI (I owned FOOT pedals not POOT pedals)
  2. Synthetic Aurality's Avatar
    Yeah.. back when I played guitar, t was all so simple. Guitar, into Digitech multifx, in an Alesis compressor, into amp. Now that I'm composing, it's "I have 5 compressors, whih should I use?". Ugh.

    The hardest lesson for me to learn is "More is not always better".

    VVV comes home this payday! I'm trying fomr free 'verbs but nothing sounds quite the same, to me.
  3. aoVI's Avatar
    If you haven't tried this one, it is worth a look: OrilRiver Free Reverb
  4. Synthetic Aurality's Avatar
    I'll check that out - thanks for the link!


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