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  1. Not for the Squeamish (Movements of a Visionary)

    I've had a couple of troublesome, irritating and occasionally painful weeks.

    We had a new heating system installed over 3 weeks ago. This involved a transition from a gravity-based system to a mains-pressure fed system with a condensing boiler. The initial installation went very well, apart from a leaking pipe above our dining room. We had to cut a hole in the ceiling to access the plumbing and it turned out that some joints in the pipework were unable to handle the increased ...
  2. Moon Music - first time on air

    Hi all there!

    Today at 10 pm UK time one of my instrumental tracks called Moon Music will be played on http://www.sinefm.com/
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  3. E L A R C H I M E R I A C - new album by MetaDronos

    Quote Originally Posted by MetaDronos View Post
    My album "E L A R C H I M E R I A C" was released by Petroglyph today.

    "E L A R C H I M E R I A C" is a study of the old music creation techniques
    with which my musical journey has started.
    Only the old tools and the old methods were involved into the realisation
    of this conceptually and technically-retro album.


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  4. A Shortage of Resources

    September 26, 2015
    09/25/2015 A Shortage of Resources

    Updated 09-25-2015 at 05:42 PM by seismic1

  5. I sometimes wonder...

    ... If it all just a little bit too much hard work!

    Getting our stuff heard, that is...

    I think I found it easier back in the old mp3.com days, which is when I first discovered that I could get peeps outside of my immediate circle of family and friends to listen to my "music..." At least, I think it was. That was fifteen years ago now, and my memory may be playing tricks on me.

    When mp3.com went through a "change" I switched to a site called ...
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