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The S1gns Of L1fe Universe

From the depths of Earth comes textures, vibrations and sounds unleashed in the form of ambient music by a man known as S1gns Of L1fe.

  1. Ambient Online 2014 Year End Wrap Up!

    Before we send off 2014, I want to take a moment to thank you all for being part of this very unique and amazing community.

    Ambient Online has had a fantastic year. As far as new users go, we've seen our numbers literally double in the past 18 months. Increasingly more ambient travelers on the information highway are finding ambient online and seeing it for the ambient oasis it truly is. Simply put, there is no other ambient forum out there with as much heart, as much camaraderie, ...
    AO Official Blog
  2. New Years Manifesto

    I just wanted to take a moment, now that the balls have dropped all over the planet to wish you all a positive and productive 2014!

    This past year has been huge for us. Ambient online as a site has grown exponentially over the months that have come before us...we've seen record numbers of registrants and new users, more posts than ever before, and have grown into the premier forum for ambient music more than anywhere else on the internet. How many forums can say that? We can. ...
  3. Transition in progress...

    Sunday night...a chance to reflect and to anticipate what's ahead. I love Sundays for one simple reason, they are my ONLY day off in the week! Working a full time job 6 days a week plus running a website, podcast, upcoming ambient conference, and having a music career ain't easy, let me tell you. But it'c comforting to hear that some of you experience just that. Little precious moments throughout your week to work on your craft and do what you most love in life which is create, talk about, and share ...
  4. Unlimited Potential...

    Been awhile since I blogged...but it's been awhile since I had a Sunday night with not much to do except listen to other people's music (listening to a 15 minute preview of Hilyard's new album, out Dec. 21st!) and just relax. But here I am. So much has happened since I last wrote a personal blog entry...and without feeling the need to summarize what all those happenings are, I'll just summarize for you. We launched The Ambient Music Conference 2014, Released numerous podcasts and had some very enlightening ...

    Updated 10-13-2013 at 11:56 PM by S1gnsOfL1fe

  5. Road S1gns

    5am. Downtown Waikiki. Waiting at the local public golf course with all the crazy locals who actually get up this early to get in 9 holes before most people's day on the island even begins...

    That's where I am, right at this very moment! Yes it's true, S1gns is on the road this week... Reading all your posts from the road and checking on AO with a galaxy S3 attached to a portable battery pack.

    In case you hadn't heard, TONS of news lately. First and foremost, Ascendant. ...
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