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  1. E L A R C H I M E R I A C - new album by MetaDronos

    Quote Originally Posted by MetaDronos View Post
    My album "E L A R C H I M E R I A C" was released by Petroglyph today.

    "E L A R C H I M E R I A C" is a study of the old music creation techniques
    with which my musical journey has started.
    Only the old tools and the old methods were involved into the realisation
    of this conceptually and technically-retro album.


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  2. Composers Ager Sonus, MetaDronos and Lucho Ripley's music used in short indie Film

    Quote Originally Posted by drdancm View Post
    Here is the link to the full short 35 minute film: Catching Broken Glass which is about a US veteran of the war in Afghanistan, who suffers from PTSD, back in her home in Chicago.
    The wonderful ambient sounds of talented composers Ager Sonus, MetaDronos, and Lucho Ripley were crucial for setting the mood and atmosphere for our film.

    You can find the full credits for all of the music and sound fx that were graciously made available under an NC license for our independent short.
  3. Ambient Online Compilation: Volume 4 - Available Now!

    Quote Originally Posted by S1gnsOfL1fe View Post

    With 88 tracks and over 11 hours (Yes, 11 hours) of music, this is quite simply the largest ambient compilation we've ever created.


    Ambient Online opened it's doors on Nov. 16th, 2012. We maintain our presence and relevance on the internet from one simple thing: user participation. Without it, we wouldn't be here. The site would simply cease to exist. As you know, in order for us to pay our bills, we
  4. Xenomorph Presents MetaDronos & Scott Lawlor

    Quote Originally Posted by Negative Spectrum View Post

    Xenomorph Records is extremely proud to bring you "The Ancient Glaciers of Mars" by AO members Metadronos & Scott Lawlor.

    Take a journey through the frozen distant past of Mars as you explore glacial formations, enormous ice fields and peer into the icy abyss of one of the largest canyons in the solar system. It was 3.5 million years ago that such glacial activity
  5. Xenomorph Presents MetaDronos

    Quote Originally Posted by Negative Spectrum View Post

    Xenomorph is extremely proud to bring you this 2nd release by MetaDronos, this is some of the deepest dark ambient you will ever hear. There's over 4 hours of music here and it's name your price. Enjoy!!
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